January 9, 2013

Marathon Training Advice

Marathon training is considered challenging, but it must be enjoyable and fun at the same time. Finishing a marathon is a great achievement as well as the best way to stay in shape. For beginning runners or experienced runners, it is best to learn the basics in order to achieve a good start.

Always remember that building-up mental stamina is important. One should be motivated to start the training, but it is different to stay motivated on a daily basis. Staying motivated as well as developing the proper state of mind is key in order to continue enjoying the marathon training and successfully finishing. When it comes to the goals or objectives, individuals undergoing the marathon training should have the right goals and the reasons for running in order to achieve success.

During the marathon training, it is important to wear the proper gear. The feet should have a dependable pair of running shoes. The shoes are the most essential gear when running since they are specifically designed to match with feet that have varying arches and other factors. In terms of nutrition, carbohydrates are responsible for fuelling the needs of runners. During the marathon training, a large amount of the total calories must come from carbohydrates, especially the complex carbohydrates. About 10% must come from protein while 20% from the unsaturated fats.  For hydration, it is best that runners drink 6-8 oz of water every 20 minutes.

For the pre-marathon training, you have to run for a minimum of 30 minutes with no stops. Distance is not significant during this phase; runners simply need to get their body accustomed to running. The combination of running and walking is ideal for pre-training since it can ease the body as well as minimize the chances of experiencing injuries. At this time, it is best to choose a marathon to join.

During the marathon training, the mileage must steadily increase every week with the longest run of 30 kilometers. It is best to taper off during the final weeks before the marathon in order to allow the body to recover from the training, thus runners will be strong during the marathon day. Performing a 30 kilometer run can provide a significant psychological advantage during the day of the marathon.

When the marathon day draws close, make sure to taper the training since it can help the body recover as well as being strong of the big race. It is also best to load on carbohydrates a week before the race. With the atmosphere in most marathons, runners will feel the adrenaline rush after leaving the starting line. Just bear in mind that a marathon is all about endurance and pace is important. Try to maintain the right pace in order to save your energy for a big finish.

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