December 24, 2012

Marathon Training

Marathon training may entail different phases of several types of running. In most cases, marathon training is not easy.

Essentially, the foremost thing you must do is concentrate on training your body to run. For people who have never undertaken any sort of endurance event, it is necessary for them to build on their running base for a period of at least six months before starting marathon training. Once you are comfortable with running for long periods of time and have made running a routine habit, it is advisable to start running races of shorter distances such as a 5K or 10K race before training further for a full marathon.

After you have had a minimum of six months of running, you may choose which marathon you wish to train for since there are many different marathon trainings which you can choose from. You must also check your plans with your healthcare provider or doctor before you commence your training. Furthermore, investing in a good and comfortable pair of shoes for marathon training is essential. For women, looking for the right sports bra is also important. You will also require a good lightweight water bottle to hydrate yourself during your training period.

Since you will be carrying out your marathon training during varied seasons, you should do some research beforehand about what is involved with running during the different seasons.

You can start with a beginner marathon training schedule if you are a beginner and your goal is to merely finish the marathon. However, you can use run/walk training schedules if you are planning to use a run/walk strategy for your training.

In order to be successful during your marathon training, you must plan out adequate rest. Most runners do not initially pay attention to acquiring rest and instead train too hard in the beginning which later becomes a hindrance in the training process.

An effective strategy is to run with a group or team when indulging in marathon training. This is a helpful strategy during a time when you feel sluggish and need encouragement. Nevertheless, you should ensure that your group is not speeding up the training too much due to competitiveness. You should try not to accomplish too much in a short time span and should improve your training slowly and gradually. If this is disregarded, you can prompt injuries which can damage your muscles and joints and take several weeks to recover, slowing down your training process.

Also, you should ensure a proper intake of food in your diet in order to obtain energy for marathon training. Carbohydrates such as wheat and bread are a good source of energy. Additionally, joining a jogging club is ideal when you are training for a marathon.

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