December 30, 2012

Physical and Psychological Benefits of Running

Running brings forward many mental, emotional and physical health benefits. Apart from being an exceptional cardiovascular workout, it also strengthens one’s muscles and bones. Running also improves the functioning of the respiratory system and enables blood circulation inside the body.

People who frequently run can see considerable reductions in their weight since it makes people lose excess fat. This is because running generally helps in increasing metabolism and in burning more calories than you can burn by getting involved in any other kind of sport. Usually, running burns approximately 100 calories per mile for a person with a weight of 150 pounds (68 kg). People consider running as an exceptional exercise for losing weight since it uses a great amount of energy. This usage of energy helps the body to burn a large number of calories which causes weight loss.

Additionally, by running, you can prevent yourself from experiencing varied diseases. People who engage in running activities have been observed to be less prone to suffering diseases such as strokes and cancer. Several studies have shown cases of improvement and prevention of breast and colon cancer in people who engage in running activities. People who are suffering from diabetes, problems of high blood pressure or osteoporosis are especially recommended to run regularly.

Running greatly contributes to reducing stress and providing relaxation, therefore, outlining many psychological benefits. People who often have disturbing and worrisome thoughts which lead to headaches can feel much better by running regularly. It also relieves the nervousness people face at times, enhancing their moods. This makes them feel pleasant and relaxed. For this reason, many people regard running as being a form of natural anti-depressant. In many cases, it is used to treat instances of clinical depression and other types of mental illnesses.

Furthermore, running helps the coordination that takes place between the body and the mind. This is because whilst running, you are constantly aware of what is happening around you. In cases of trail running where people run on unpaved paths, a great deal of coordination is required. By running on such paths, runners are constantly aware of obstacles which may come their way. This enables runners to attain a greater sense of control over their bodies in order to prevent themselves from falling down or from tripping. Also, running on flat surfaces improves coordination since it makes the body work together to keep the person upright and on the right path while running.

There is no doubt that running can considerably improve your health, mood and level of fitness, as well as extend your life span.

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