February 10, 2013

Plenty of Health Benefits from Running

At the present, many people are health conscious and these individuals do everything just to stay in shape as well as lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Running is one of the preferred activities in order to have an active lifestyle. Individuals who prefer running has their own reasons, but all of them will gain the same health benefits the activity has to offer. Before deciding to start running, it is best to consult your doctor first just to make sure that you are in a good and healthy state to start running.

There are a number of health benefits offered by running to individuals who consider running as their means to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The first benefit that can be gained from running is weight loss. Running on a regular basis can burn a large amount of calories, thus making it the ideal form of exercise in order to help cut down weight. Of course, individuals should be well aware that it is a high impact exercise, thus individuals who are just a few pounds overweight might experience leg or hip pain. Of course, these individuals can still run, but it should be done in a slow and steady manner.

Second benefit offered by running is that the cardiovascular health is improved when running is performed on a regular basis. It will increase the elasticity of the arteries and can help lower down the blood pressure, thus minimizing the risk of having a heart attack.

Third, the bone density can be greatly improved, especially with the back, legs and hips. With sturdier bones, running can also help strengthen the muscles. The muscles will not end up bulky, but will be apparently stronger as well as reducing the risk of osteoporosis. Fourth benefit of running is the improvement of the appetite. Running regularly will make individuals eat more since it leads to the burning of more calories. Individuals will end up hungrier and will have a healthier and better appetite.

The fifth benefit of running is the promotion of good sleep. Make sure to get enough sleep before performing a good run. Take note that not getting enough sleep will only result to sore muscles and sluggishness. The sixth benefit of regular running is that it can reduce the risk of developing type-2 diabetes. Together with the regular running, make sure that the sugar and carbohydrate use is regulated. The seventh benefit offered by running is that it can also reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer such as bowel cancer, uterine cancer and breast cancer. Even running for at least 30 minutes for five days can help a lot.

The eight benefit offered by running is that it provides positive effects on the mental health. Regular running can help boost self confidence as well as helping individuals feel better that can greatly help alleviate depression and improving the mood. The ninth benefit of running is the strengthening of the lungs. For individuals who go out of breath after a few steps on the stairs, they will notice that once they run more, they can easily climb a number of steps without getting out of breath since the lungs are getting stronger. Lastly, running can help boost the energy levels. Regular running can make the body healthier while at the same time facilitate the pumping of blood for more energy to carry out tasks.

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