January 19, 2013

Race Options for Runners

Knowing that there are different running events to choose from at the present, it is best that one is familiar with the desired race information in order to find one that best suits their needs and preferences. It is a known fact that many people nowadays prefer running as one way in order to stay in shape as well as lead a healthy and active lifestyle. The health benefits offered by running are truly great such as minimizing the risk of stroke, heart diseases and osteoporosis.

There are different running events that runners can choose from. They include the 5K race, 8K race, 10K race, half marathon and the marathon. Every race has their own race information and they typically vary based on the distance involved. Choosing a race event to join in typically depends on the capability of the runner as well as the experience.

For the marathon, it involves running the distance of 42 kilometers. Before attempting to try out the marathon, it is essential that the runner has been running for at least six months and regularly running at least three times on a weekly basis. First time runners should not opt for the marathon unless they have tried the short races such as the 5K race, 10K race or the half marathon in order to gain experience as well as boost the confidence.

The half marathon covers the distance of 21 kilometers or the exact half of the distance covered in a marathon. Participating in the half marathon is the ideal option for runners who have completed the short races such as the 5K race or the 10K race. The distance of the half marathon is a good challenge for runners who want to further test their performance level.

The 10K race is considered as the most popular race length. Due to the fact that the 10K race is also a short race, it is the preferred choice by starting runners as well as the experienced runners. The 8K race covers the distance of 8 kilometers. This is the ideal race for runners who completed the 5K race before trying out the 10K race. The 5K race is the popular race length all over the world. It spans the distance of 5 kilometers, which is considered as a short race. It is popular among beginners who want to try out their running skills and even experienced runners who want to run short distance races.

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